Earn + Empower + Curate

From cave fire to Kindle Fire (Source: Geo Davis)

From cave fire to Kindle Fire (Source: Geo Davis)

Storytelling in the digital age is a bit like storytelling in the Stone Age and a whole lot unlike storytelling in the 1950s. (Or, for that matter, the latter half of the 20th century!) Storytelling today is more sincere, real, and interactive. Less sleazy, ersatz, and manipulative. Storytelling today is for and by the audience, not just for and by the storyteller(s).

Or so I like to believe.

The objective is rapidly shifting away from telling people our stories, to empowering our customers to tell the story for us.

Instead of talking at [emphasis mine] your audience, create experiences worth sharing. Earn the right to… [your audience’s] voice, then curate the story they tell. (Source: Jonny Mole via jeffbullas.com)

Earn your audience, empower your audience to co-create the story, to own the story, and to propagate the story. And then showcase and celebrate the best of the best. Adopt, appreciate, and reward your ambassadors. This is storytelling in the digital age.

Or so I like to believe!

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