Copy, Transform and Combine

I included “Everything is a Remix So Steal Like An Artist”, a video featuring Austin Kleon and Kirby Ferguson (writer, filmmaker and creator of Everything is a Remix) in an earlier post — Steal and Remix like an Artist — but the excerpt above bears revisiting. Especially if you missed it the first go-round.

Skip forward to 3:33 in the video to discussion about stepping beyond mere copying. This is a good look at the process of transforming existing ideas, materials, music, stories, etc. into something unique, something original.

“The most dramatic results can happen when ideas are combined. By connecting ideas together creative leaps can be made.” ~ Kirby Ferguson


  • Basic Elements of Creativity: Copy, Transform & Combine
  • Transformation and “recontextualizing” are essential!
  • Austin Kleon: “What makes a mashup good?”


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