Transmedia Storytelling and Documentary Filmmaking 2

Transmedia Storytelling is the practice of telling a single story with multiple platforms and formats, often using digital tools. Often shortened to simply Transmedia, it can allow documentary filmmakers to not only reach new audiences, but also to create unique educational components to enhance their film’s message and provide ways to partner with companies and brands, which can mean welcome financial relief to lighten the burden of the high cost of filmmaking.


“Transmedia” is a buzz term that while currently all the rage may soon go out of fashion. But the essence of Transmedia storytelling — the integration of digital technologies and creating cross-platform experiences to enhance content, perhaps in a documentary’s case its message — is here to stay. Documentary filmmakers already wear many hats. Partnering with a developer familiar with coding and end users’ needs will elevate a documentary Transmedia project — and just might open creative avenues the creator wouldn’t have thought of on his or her own. With Transmedia, it really does take a village. ~ Amanda Lin Costa, producing of documentary, “The Art of Memories.” (MediaShift)

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